Sunday, December 11, 2011

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Christmas is always my favorite time of year! I love all the fun and joy there is to have during this wonderful holiday!

For me, the past few years have become increasingly meaningful because of my job.
Along with a co-worker (and help from Josh near the end) - we coordinate Christmas at the children's shelter I work for.

In the coming weeks I will be going to work early and leaving super late (I'm talking 7am-12am here people), up to my knees in wrapping paper, ribbon & bows, I'll have tape in places people shouldn't, I'll fight the crowds in the busiest stores for each of the children's special Christmas wishes and in the end - all the credit still goes to Santa Claus! I would be lying if I said I didn't love doing it - for in the end there are smiles on the faces of children who have suffered enough and that makes it all worth it.

Along with coordinating Christmas, this year I was also put in charge of decorations for our employee Christmas party! Yay! (slight sarcasm there) But of course, I can't help myself - I think I live for this sort of thing!

Working with a tight budget, I decided to scour my favorite website (Pinterest) for some great, inexpensive ideas. I found one idea that I love and wanted to share with you! I call them whimsical Christmas trees and plan to use them as centerpieces on the tables, but they would also make great holiday decor for your home!

What you'll need: 

  • Foam Craft Cone (I bought the ones with out a point - I recommend getting the cones with a point...just makes it look a bit more like a tree.)
  • Holiday Cupcake Liners
  • Hot Glue Gun and the Glue ;) 
  • Scissors 

Here are the foam cones. I bought small and large cones. 

Festive Cupcake Liners! 

Fold the cupcake liner in half and cut the middle out.
 All you want is the ruffle part.  
(I took a picture of this step, but can't get the photo to upload!) 
Then cut the liner so you get the letter 'C'.

Glue the liner to the cone, stacking each layer as you go. 
You may have to use multiple liners to go all the way around the cone.
That's ok - it won't matter in the end.  

Once you get to the top of the cone, take a small piece of the liner and glue it to cover the end.

And voila my loves! You have a whimsical tree to decorate your home! 
The toppers on the trees came with some of my cupcake liners. 
Guessing those are called cupcake toppers?

Merry Christmas!  


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