Friday, September 16, 2011

It's Our Anniversary?!

Yep - it sure is! Well, not until Monday at least, but it will be our second anniversary!

When Kim (my MIL) came to stay with us and help us in the new house a few weeks back, she asked us what our plans were for our upcoming anniversary. She got a look of surprise from the two of us - and it was probably pretty clear that we had forgotten about our own anniversary! Sad - I know! But we had been so wrapped up in the excitement of buying and moving into our little blue bungalow - that it just simply slipped our minds.

Since our reminder, we've had to make a conscious effort to keep our anniversary in the forefront of our minds. With all the little projects around the house, yard work, shopping trips for items to help us get organized, painting furniture, and selling furniture (yes - we're still getting rid of stuff!) it's been hard to keep things on the calendar straight!

Last year, we used our anniversary as an excuse to take a trip to New York. I absolutely fell in love with the city and beg Josh on a very regular basis to take me back! (Josh, if you're reading this - TAKE ME BACK!)

This anniversary, it looks like our gift to each other is a brand new house! (Best gift ever!) And on our very special anniversary weekend I'm sure that we'll watch some football, knock a few things off the honey do list, and maybe even go out for a bite to eat. The truth is that no matter how we celebrate our anniversary, we're just so happy to be together and actually remember to acknowledge it! :)

It's so important to make your anniversary a priority in your marriage and remember to celebrate it in whatever way you can. While we've only been married for two years, it seems that the years are already flying by - I wish that I could stop the hands of time.....take it all in and remind myself to enjoy the memories that we are making along the way, the love that we share, and the friendship that we have with each other. (A bit too cheesy?? Yes, but so true!) An anniversary serves as the reminder to slow things down and reflect on what you've been through and the growth of your marriage over time.

When I think of our wedding, I will always see the two of us on that gorgeous day - hand in hand in the park, in our beautiful hometown - infront of God, family, and friends as we outwardly admitted our love for one another. We stood there, so wildly optimistic (like all brides and grooms) and put all of our hopes, dreams, and faith into each other. And each day thereafter, we strive to always support each other and make the hopes and dreams of the other a reality. Love is truly selfless.

I can't imagine a better way to celebrate our second anniversary than to simply live in the moment with my best friend by my side. 

In honor of the upcoming anniversary, I've put in some pics of our wedding day! And since we never posted all of the pictures from our wedding, you can click on this link to view the entire album. Our Wedding - 9/19/09

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