Monday, September 26, 2011

Making Ugly Beautiful!

I have definitely found a knack for refinishing old furniture. It's amazing to me that with a little paint, you can turn an unattractive (ugly even) piece of furniture into a gorgeous piece you'll fall in love with.

Most of the furniture I find comes from Craigslist - you can find some really awesome deals there! Although I haven't ventured into the world of yard sales, I know there are treasures to be found! I'll have to try my hand at yard selling soon.

Here's a dresser I found on Craigslist for $40 bucks. (Our camera is not the best!)

It was a great find, but needed a little work . It was missing a knob - so I knew I would have to replace those (you can find those anywhere - Hobby Lobby has some really great ones to choose from and they often go on sale for 50% off).

I took off all the knobs and sanded the entire piece. Add a little paint and voila! Josh has a new dresser!

I'm trying to get better at taking pictures during the process. I just get so excited as I go along, I have a hard time remembering to stop for pictures! :)  I totally forgot to take any before pictures of the dresser below. But I did the same steps: took off the existing pulls, sanded, painted and added new pulls - only this time....I got my first power tool - a Dewalt Sander! It makes this whole thing so much easier! Never thought I would be so excited about a power tool!

I'm picking up a pair of chairs tonight that I just purchased off Craigslist! I can't wait to make them beautiful!

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