Monday, October 24, 2011

Family, Fun, & Furniture!

We've been having SO much fun the past two weeks! It's been busy, but awesome! In the last blog, Busy Little Bees, we left off with us at the charity event on a Sunday night. My mom, Mary, came in that same night to attend the event and stay the week. If any of you know my mom, then you know how much fun she is! We had a great week with her (and are trying our best to convince her to move to Greenville)! We went shopping, out for drinks, and (of course) to Fall for Greenville. It's like the Taste of the Town, but a bit bigger. Restaraunts have delicious samplings of their food, there are bake-offs, cooking demos, music, and tons of people! It's a must when you live in Greenville. Here are some pics of us at the event!

After Mom left, the house was quiet and empty, but we knew a few more visitors would be on their way once the weekend arrived. My brother-in-law, Jessie, and sister-in-law,Stephanie, came up along with the newest addition to our family, Baby Carter - he's 10 weeks old and absolutely adorable! (I wish we would have really thought to take pictures while they were here.)

On Saturday, while the other Whiteside family went to the Clemson football game and since it was a bye week for our beloved Gamecocks, our Whiteside duo hit a yard sale, some antique stores, and Target!! (What would a weekend be if there weren't TARGET!?) We did awesome at the yard sale! I've been dying to attempt a go at yard selling, but couldn't find a Saturday that I had time to go or (truthfully) wanted to wake up early for. This was a good Saturday to go though.

High schools in Greenville have spirit week (just like schools everywhere), but these schools do something truly amazing during their spirit week! Each school picks a charity to rally behind and then works to raise money during spirit week by hosting car washes, profit share nights with local restaurants, silent auctions, and all sorts of events and activities during and after school that will help add to the funds. And I'm not just talking like $500 bucks - I mean like $200,000! That's a lot of money and can really help an organization. It's really big here and each school uses it for braging rights against their rivals, but most importantly - the charity they pick seems to really make an impact on the students!

This is the second year the organization I work for has been picked by a high school - it's been two different schools, but I am always so impressed by what these kids do and the passion they have for the charity they're helping.

This high school hosted a huge yard sale as one of their events. So to show our support - we headed over to the yard sale and snagged a really nice piece of furniture. It was such a great deal and all of the money went back to our charity - double win!

You will NOT believe what I turned this piece into.....


If you guessed a cat litter box - then you were right!! I found this idea on (a true obsession full of genius ideas - if you're not on should be). I hate litter boxes and with a small two bedroom home, it's hard to find a spot where the box isn't in the way or out in plain sight. I've been searching for an answer to this problem since we before we even bought the house. When I saw this great idea, I had to act fast! With Josh's help - I bought, sanded, primed, painted, and repurposed in 3 days. I think Tank is happy with his new space too!

I also found a little bit of time to redo this awesome chair! It turned out so much better than I even imagined! Now if I could only sell the furniture I paint instead of wanting to keep everything I do for myself!

I just LOVE this chair! 

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